Saturday, May 27, 2006

Air04 on SG Politics

As a 4 year old girl from a famous PAP Kindergarden in the north ( one of the elite independent Ivy League schools ), I have learnt a lot under the tutelage of my very nice Uncle Air39, who claims to be in a "league of his own" . Unlike my prescience Air 39 uncle who is a Lumber 1 Opposition Running Cat, I am in support of the PAP and I wish to be a member of the Very Young PAP (VYPAP) for kids aged 10 and below, much to the chargin of my uncle :)

Alright, let me narrate more about my feeling towards the politics in Singapore. As a 4 year old young girl, I would see my role as an ombudsman between the people and the PAP government, the latter seemingly perceived as a potentate power.

Under the People 's Action (only ) Party, world lumber 1 definitelee, there is no peccadillo or peculation of any sorts, unlike the Indonesian corrupted Suharto who has pliffered off more than US$30BILLION off their moribund economy. Flagitious news on corruptions are the norm in other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or anywhere else in Asia.

Singapore, in my naive opinion, has ZERO corruption, well at least for the past 4 years when I am on earth! :)

You know, we in Singapore dont sprout expletives against anyone we like. Words like " Degenerate Scum!, Phoney..Venal.. Charltan etc.." are invisible in online forum and they only produce risible impact on the readers. NO ONE USES it to slam others just because Singapore government and the current MPs in parLEEment are just too clean and neat.

But of course, I heard this MP Penang-Auntie Irene Ng ( Who is single and unmarried ) implying that opposition MPs are trouble-makers. I get this impression ( kids are impressionable anyway ) that opposition MPs like Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong must be either sleeping in parlement diuring talks or catching up upskirt-pictures of her. I mean, when she mentioned "trouble", the opposition MPs must be up to something nefarious. Therefore, maybe its wise to have a "dream team" of full PAP. All white uniforms in parleement must be beneficial to Singapore. Afterall, MIWs are supposed to be clean and incorruptible.

Many people sound insolent when they want opposition MPs to check the PAP in parleement. They claim that medacity and medicancy is on the rise in Singapore under the incumbent establishment. Just look at TT Durian of the NKF. A man renowned for his felictious role in catalysing NKF from a small-time backstreet charity into a "MNC" type organisation and clearly admired by my idol, the very capable and ingenious Mdm Ho Ching, he has no qulams in helping himself to a 6-digit paycheck everymonth. 6 digit! Isnt that too much to run a charitable foundation in tiny Singapore?

Well, I dont know how much our beloved government are paid but maybe our PAP dont pay themselves so much. I believe that our very beloved PAP, as a humble party with multifarious and meretricious Minister who are literally out to help Singaporeans
( Goh Chok Tong Claimed MP is a full time job anyway. Strange.. How can MP be a full time job when many of the MPs are lawyers which are their full time job? Hmm.. ).

There is no other way to reward our very clean govenment. Recently, there is this very handsome uncle new perspicacious MP who claimed that he "dont watch Porno" WOW! I am impressed! A guy in his 40s and he has never watched porno in his life like me a 4 year old little girl? He must be a good man. My Uncle Air39, a Harbird-bound, watches porno 3 times and day and 1,000 times a year. Haha, no wonder PAP dont want to invite him for tea ! Oh, did I tell you that this new MP is so humble that he takes MRT for an interview from Joo Chiat MRT Station to the City area? That is humility! His monthly salary must be so low ( maybe $500 a month ) that he was trying to save $ by not driving a car! Impressed!

Many of these Minsters ( Singapore most elite of the elite for sure ) hail from indigent backgrounds when they are young and I believe that they will be contented with a S$2,000 a month pay.

Not wanting to sound too verbose in my first post, my last words to you readers is that please trust the PAP with your money! They are provident in their dealings with money ( people dont call them pay and pay for nothing ). Singaporeans are universally recognised as obsequious voters and I believe that it is easy to psycho the population ( esp the 66.6% ) towards voting for the PAP, the bestest government for the land! Many odious opposition voters cant seek a proper channel for them to voice their expletives and they turn on to the internet! I say Dont talk cock! It will be an onerous task for them to overturn the government this way because not many Singaporeans read the internet.

Majullah PAP!!!


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