Saturday, May 27, 2006

Leadership in Singapore

Hitler was the epitome of demagoguery; this quintessential demagogue ingratiated himself with the masses by inciting passions, quashing and quelling reason, and rewarding jingoism and chauvinism.

Some people refer to our great Lee Kuan Yew as Asia 's Hitler. I beg to differ and will be the first to deprecate and reproach anyone from doing so. Hitler is a real natural leader, the one who ignited the world war II. Our jun-zi ( Lee Kuan Yew ) works as natural translator for the Japanese for World war 2. See the difference?

The PAP 's success is transforming the republic into a 1st world is no fluke. Therefore, for budding opposition MPs who wants to come into parleement, we need to be circumspect about their intentions so that they will not bring the republic into a black hole.

We need men of paragon values, not those opposition MPs as termed by Auntie Irene Ng as " Trouble-makers".

Some unscrupulous knaves would resort to any sort of chicanery in order to fleech an unwitting lot of the gullible voting population.

One particular knave, as depicted in the world famed Singapore Press Holdings, ( ranked 27th in the world from the bottom ) is one classic example. His V-for-Vendetta attitude, churlish and uncivilized demeanour seems more befitting the Dark Ages than this age and we all want nothing to do with this churl.

What we need is Lee Kuan Yew Lumber 2.


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