Monday, May 29, 2006

The Opposition

The cowardly voters in the recent General Elections 2006 was the embodiment of pusillanimity when Singaporeans once again voted in the incumbent to form the government.

Winnowing their way through thousands of voting slips, the election helpers finally secured the answer on 6 May 2006!

I am so happy!

Our world class government may talk about topics far to recondite for the masses to comprehend at times but they have proven themselves since Independence

And of course, the all-too pugnacious opposition once again make the winning by the incumbent seem too sardonic and fatalistic. News of "unfairness" set in again ( not again? )

Our Prime Minister, the savant Cambridge and Harvard educated leader has won the mandate of fellow Singaporeans! Yes, all 66.6% of our voters voted for the PAP!


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