Sunday, June 11, 2006

Entrapped by my friends!

I was in my PAP kindergarden one morning when my good friends Shen po fen ( SPF ) and Cai Na Bu ( CNB ) came up to me and successfully ENTRAP me with their WEB of Deceit! I feel so sad and angry over this!

Apparently, CNB and SPF, both same age as me ( 4-year-old ) came over to my table and asked me to skip class to go and play in the rain outside! I am a good girl and being a good niece of my uncle Air39, I decided to entreat them to stay on in the classroom with me and not to skip class lah.

They were forceful and persistent and both SPF and CNB asked me for at least 50 times each to skip class and play in the rain. Look, I was adamant because being a Harbird-bound, I have to behave myself.

Then came the shocking part: Both SPF and CNB told me gleefully that if I skipped classes with them, they will give me sweets to eat and go to Mac to have burgers! I was tempted... then they warned me that if I dont skip class, they will tell the teacher that I copied their homework! Wah! Cannot lah!

You guessed it... I hesitantly skipped class that morning... outside, both of them said they wanna go to the toliet and left me there under the rain.

Imagine my shock and horror when they brought my teacher along and alleged that I had skipped class on purposely! I was charged.. oops I mean, I was scolded by the judge.. oops i mean the principal and in my mitigation, I told the principal that I was entrapped! The principal dont believe my story.

Am I a victim of Injustice? Sure u bet!