Saturday, July 22, 2006

MP being beaten up!

Alright, MP Seng Han Tong was alleged to have been whacked by this 73 year old wobbly old man at the Beat the MP Session. Sorry, should be Meet the MP session.

The attacker had allegedly punched the MP in his face after some misunderstanding and the next day, Seng Han Tong fled to China. Opps I mean to say, fly to Shanghai for his business. How coincidence! Our MPs are very busy people with business interest globally. I pray for his speedy recovery anyway but is hopeful that the 73 year old man will get a stern warning in lieu of a prosecution.

I have personally witnessed many irate commuters in trains and buses etc and in public place. It does seems that Singapore is fast becoming a dangerous place to stay isnt it? Even contributing articles in the press is now considered as promoting cycnlism among the public sentiments.